Valentí Acconcia has been dedicated to crowdfunding professionally since 2011. He has co-founded several projects in the sector and currently works as an independent consultant via vanacco out of Spain. He works with the main crowdfunding platforms in the world and has raised hundreds of thousands of euros for his clients. He is the author of “The 20 Golden Rules of Crowdfunding” a practical book that helps people design good campaigns to realize their ideas.

GUEST POST: Necksound, smart wereable, smart crowdfunding

As a crowdfunding consultant active since 2011 I’ve been advising more than 140 campaigns and collected near 1 million of euros with my clients. For an European crowdfunding professional those are huge numbers. But there are some campaigns with a magic touch for their innovation and their story behind the success. Today I will higlight one of this campaigns, the one to launch an amazing wereable, Necksound.

Necksound is a necklace shaped high quality audio system with a modern and sporty design. It lets you listen to your music while doing sport or any kind of outdoor activity. A necklace-shaped audio device made with hypoallergenic silicone, with a modern and sporty design that provides top quality sound. It ables you to listen to music or talk on the phone while doing any type of physical activity without the need for headphones. Necksound is the perfect wearable to enjoy your private soundscape without being isolated from the world that surrounds you.

Let’s talk about the campaign

The first key point of the campaign to highlight is the pre-campaign. We have been collecting e-mails of people interested on being one of the Super Early Birds or Early Birds backers of the campaign. The first 181 backers supported the project in only 4 days making the campaign reach 101% of its initial goal. One of the key points of the campaign was the pre-campaign. We have been collecting e-mails of people for weeks!

The second one is obvious, to motivate early bird backers you must design atractive rewars for the very first to contribute. We have designed a Super Early Bird reward offering the Necksound device for 80 euros and an Early Bird one offering it for 90 euros. As the regular price is 99 euros we have created two special rewards that motivate backers. We have already pre-sold all the Super Early Birds Necksound devices and now we’re offering the Super Early Birds ones.

And what about the numbers? We have been with a conversion rate from visits to backers always higher than 3.3%. That means that we are engaging more than 3 backers for every 100 visits we have. We have had higher conversion rates in the first two weeks reaching a maximum of 11.8% (more than 11 backers for every 100 visits). The clue to get this high conversion rates is to achieve 30% or even 100% of the collecting goal in the very first days of the campaign.

An to have those numbers and generate trust the two important factors are design and strategy. You must design an attractive and engaging crowdfunding pitch with a good video but also motivating rewars. And of course you must create a good strategy and motivate the first backers to be there from the very beginning.

To sum up…

To launch and run a good campaign just as the one for Necksound you and your team must work to create a well balanced campaign with both good design and strategy. The first hours are vital to succeed so you must try to achieve 100% of the goal as soon as possible, at least 30% of the goal in 7 days or less. It’s what I call the 30-90-100 golden rule of crowdfunding (one of the 20 golden rules).

Want to take a look to this amazing campaign, just check their Kickstarter page and don’t forget to contribute sharing the campaign!