Startup-friendly Video Production: Colorado

Looking to run a crowdfunding campaign out of Colorado? Here’s a run-down of key stats and companies that can help you with video production and marketing.

With startup hubs in Denver, Boulder  and Colorado Springs, Colorado’s startup ecosystems are on the rise — and so are video production companies in the crowdfunding/startup space. Recent years have shown a surge in startup launches, startup funding rounds and just as important… EXITS! Outlets such as Inc., Business Insider and Entrepreneur regularly share news about startup activity out of “The Silver State.”

According to the Colorado Startup Report, 59 companies provided an aggregated $2.7B in exits in 2015 alone. In the same period 95 new companies received a combined $683M in startup funding.

captureSpeaking with Built In Colorado, Managing Director for Access Venture Partners, David Gold said that “2015 was a solid year for venture investments, but […] I would expect things to tighten up in 2016.” With a still blooming startup ecosystem and institutional investors holding back on capital inflow, crowdfunding is a natural option for small businesses– especially for startups in the B2C space.

One such example is Michael Larson, who is the El Pomar Chair of Engineering and Innovation at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (“UCCS”). In a single month, he and his team raised $675,000 for their innovative Sleep Shepherd Blue — a sleep tracker that actively monitors brainwave activity while you sleep. Although the campaign is no longer live on Kickstarter, it is a good example of a startup raise easily comparable to a seed- or early Series A round in funding volume.


Colorado-based Videographers and Video Production Companies

Video marketing is a natural component of any crowdfunding campaign. According to Aaron Hartshorn, Media Director at Sleep Shepherd Blue, it is paramount that that video content and messaging be taken seriously. “We see our video materials, incl. the one we used for the crowdfunding campaign, as investments. The quality and tone of a video help build credibility and trust in our company,” says Aaron and continues, “You have to realize that for many viewers, this is the first time they’ll hear about you and your product — you literally have one chance to make a lasting impression.”

By popular request we have compiled a list of video production companies from Colorado. 

(In alphabetical order)

Video Production Company: Colorado Audio Visual
Colorado Audio Visual

For over 25 years, Colorado Audio Visual has helped clients like Discovery Channel, The Aspen Institute, and CBS create stunning and engaging videos for their businesses. From developing a video concept and shooting on location to post-production and distribution through social media or traditional telecommunications, their team handles any video campaign from start to finish. CAV brings any vision to life by incorporating graphics, animation, and HD clips. Clients can work with the promotions team to increase brand awareness across all social media platforms. For beautiful footage combined with out-of-the-box creativity, CAV continues to create captivating experiences for any campaign.

COLORADO AUDIO VISUAL prices start at $1,100 with special pricing available for 501C-3 organizations.

Video Production Company: Hoptocopter Films
Hoptocopter Films

Hoptocopter™ Films is a Colorado-based video production company specializing in storytelling and corporate cinematic messaging. They partner with you to identify your goals and then create films that both equip you to take on your biggest challenges as well as communicate who you are to the world. Whether you need to raise money, train new employees, or demonstrate a new product, they are ready to tell your story. Although the cost of every video varies, they break down every project into three simple categories: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

HOPTOCOPTER FILMS prices start at $8,000.

Video Production Company: Michael Conti Productions
Michael Conti Productions

With over 28 years of experience, Michael Conti Productions has provided a variety of companies with cost-effective solutions in producing and editing video content for short and long format, social media videos, crowdfunding campaigns, and many other delivery systems. MCP understands the both the creative and technical process of providing video content and services for his clients. Experienced with crowdfunding videos they understand the challenge of working under a tight budget and still deliver videos that reflect the quality and value of what the crowdfunding campaign is striving to fund. Everyone looks a winner!

MICHAEL CONTI PRODUCTIONS prices starts at $2,990

Video Production Company: People Productions
People Productions

People Productions is a marketing communications company that’s been partnering with businesses for more than 30 years. They have deep experience working across multiple B2B industries with a strong focus in the complex worlds of healthcare and high-tech. Their capabilities range from strategy to video production, animation, custom apps and web development to photography, designing printed materials and eLearning tools. They help with getting companies up to speed on many aspects of marketing and can act as a one-stop shop, or just help with the video you need. They work across the USA and routinely shoot around the world.

PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS prices start at $8,000.

Video Production Company: Ramblin Jackson
Ramblin Jackson

Ramblin Jackson is a digital marketing + video production agency headquartered in Boulder, CO. They partner with small businesses to help them reach more customers through Social Media Marketing, Video Production and Search Engine Optimization. They have worked with over 200 small businesses across the country to get found online and make many videos including promotional videos, testimonial videos, and the ongoing blog series, Friday’s Ramblin Roundup.

RAMBLIN JACKSON has not provided a price range for crowdfunding videos.

Video Production Company: Roshambo
Roshambo Films

Roshambo Films is specialized in original content and management of creative teams. They have over 20 years of experience working with film, television, interactive, new media for large international and national companies creating and maintaining challenging long term projects. Clients include broadcast and cable networks, media conglomerates, beverage and food industries and large artistic endeavors. They focus on cultivating and maintaining industry relationships, negotiating contracts, managing and coordinating talent, supervising all phases of production, including post and visual effects, promoting companies through various marketing efforts, overseeing the development of creative projects in film, television, interactive, and new media.

ROSHAMBO FILMS prices start at $5,000

Video Production Company: V3 Media Marketing
V3 Media Marketing

V3 Media Marketing is a video strategy, production & marketing company that helps grow businesses and brands nationwide. They deliver not just videos, but also the views, impact and engagement needed to provide their clients the ROI they demand. With over 10 years of industry experience and clients nationwide, V3 Media features a dedicated team of creative professionals that strive to produce quality video content that gets results. They specialize in helping companies promote their brands, products and services with modern marketing techniques that leverage the power of video across a variety of platforms.

V3 MEDIA MARKETING prices start at $5,000.



This post was made in response to user requests. If you are a Colorado-based videographer and want to be included in our overview then please reach out to support[at]apen-designs[dot]com. We will continue to explore other regions with similar content; but YOU decide where we zero in! Use the email address above and get in touch if you have specific requests.

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