Startup-friendly Video Production: Utah

In our search for video production companies within some of the most promising startup hubs, we found an Alpine-local business that just broke new grounds for Utah’s entrepreneurs and crowdfunding enthusiasts. Ingenious and humorous, the Purple Pillow campaign secured more than $2.6 million from close to 18,000 customers — a statewide Kickstarter record.

Utah counts as one of the strongest economies in the US and was over the summer pronounced “Top State for Business in 2016” by CNBC. Attributed mainly to the overall economic performance, the quality and availability of the workforce, and the state’s regulatory environment, Utah won ahead of Texas and Colorado.

Not surprisingly, Salt Lake City with neighboring West Valley City and West Jordan, is the state’s economic center and also where we find the bulk of startup activity. Other important hubs are Provo, Orem and Ogden.

Utah-based Videographers and Video Production Companies

As “The Beehive State” continues to produce exciting startups and attract out-of-state entrepreneurs, we see more and more crowdfunding activity as well. Speaking with local marketers and video production companies, it became clear that there is a growing demand for crowdfunding related content and services. We have compiled a list of Utah’s production companies that are ready to help you with crowdfunding videos.

(In alphabetical order)


CIRCA3 is an incredible full-service video production team in Ogden, Utah, that will help you grow your business, get more sales, and increase brand awareness. Their collaborative approach to story structure and creative video content will help your product achieve your crowdfunding goals, and then some. Not sure where to start? In addition to high-end video production, CIRCA3 also offers content strategy and story workshops. We all want viral status for our videos, right? These days, it’s not enough just to make an amazing video, you need to know how to distribute it properly for maximum reach and conversion across the appropriate channels. Sound confusing? Well, it kind of is, but luckily, this stellar team has spent countless hours honing their skills, so that you don’t have to. Ready to get started?

CIRCA3 prices start at $6,000

Jamestown Films

Jamestown Films is a full-service creative video production company. They create high-end, original content that will not only be liked, but loved! They have learned that as soon as their clients love a concept, they will love it on screen as well. The company focuses on getting on thorough production all the way from concept to post-production. They take a collaborative approach.  Their clients can get involved as closely with the team as they like. This flexibility is the reason that most clients stay long-term with Jamestown Films for years.

JAMESTOWN FILMS prices start at $7,500


Lenzworks is a boutique production company specializing in high concept creative services for clients worldwide. Their services include original television programming as well as marketing, branding, products and services videos. With in-house writers, producers, directors, photographers, editors and motion graphic artists, the company philosophy is to bring fresh, new and innovative approaches to every project while developing lasting relationships with their clients. Prices vary depending on the length, scope and intricacies of each project. Setting proper expectations is paramount before any engagement. Lenzworks strive to do so to create a production that works within budget and aligned with client expectations.

LENZWORKS prices start at $2,500

Levitate Media Group

Levitate Media Group is a professional video and digital marketing agency. Experienced storytellers, they help you deliver your message with emotion and create actionable content and videos. Over the years they have worked on several crowdfunding campaigns. Many people think just making a video will be enough to source the funding they are looking for. In Levitate’s experience, a well-produced video is crucial to funding your campaign, but so is a well thought out plan, including pre-launch marketing. Besides video production, Levitate Media helps startups creating websites and manage social media channels. They have the resources and the ability to give you everything you need for your crowdfunding campaign.

LEVITATE MEDIA GROUP prices start at $1,000

Lone Peak Productions

Lone Peak Productions has been around since 1979.  That was before video cameras were even available for mere mortals (they had to shoot on film) and they’ve been providing award winning production services for their clients ever since… clients in industries as diverse as marketing, banking, medical products, TV, and heavy industry.  They’ve worked closely with the venture capital community and helped hundreds of companies refine their pitch as they seek funding.  They’re self-contained and do it all in their Salt Lake studio from concept and scripting to production, graphics and post-production.  See how their experience can help you.

LONE PEAK PRODUCTIONS prices start at $3,000

Michael Hender Films

Ryan Hender Films specializes in compelling video productions with a unique storytelling element that draw the audience into the video, making them want to watch more. With clients such as Shark Tank, Security Brief TV, and more, they can help with everything from concept, all the way to post-production. With an in depth knowledge of business, advertising, and marketing, they are more versatile than many other companies. You only have one chance to make a first impression, with a product launch, it’s important to team up with the right professionals so your product gets seen in an effective, compelling way.

RYAN HENDER FILMS prices starts at $1,500

Salty Block Pictures

Salty Block Pictures was founded in 2015 and has produced two feature films and as well as multiple local music videos. Besides that, the team has worked on award winning and festival official selections documentaries. The company is now breaking into doing brand videos for companies like Peterbilt trucking and Wasatch Academy. They offer a high level of production, using top of the line Red cinema cameras and offer that film level cinematography. With each film they strive only to get better and keep ahead of the curve. A small company that handles any size project big or small.

SALTY BLOCK PICTURES prices start at $7,500

This post was made in response to user requests. If you are a Utah-based videographer and want to be included in our overview then please reach out to support[at]apen-designs[dot]com. We will continue to explore other regions with similar content; but YOU decide where we zero in! Use the email address above and get in touch if you have specific requests.

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